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The Solution

I have compiled a very affordable maintenance plan that keeps your site running as smooth and fast as the day it launched. Often times it gets better!


The Problem

There is a common belief that once your website is completed the job is finished. If you give it some thought, that’s like saying that your brand new car will never need gas, an oil change, or repairs. We all know that technology moves at lightning speed these days, and a website that is not maintained will eventually fail. This is not meant to scare you, rather inform you, and when you think about it, it makes sense.

My Solution

After years of experience, I have found that for me, and my clients, the best solution is to do all maintenance work on an hourly basis of $35.00 per hour.  I am continuously monitoring all of my client’s sites, and if I see that work needs to be done, I first send an email explaining the proposed work with an estimate of how long I believe it will take to do. Once I get approval, I do the work.  If my client needs changes, they notify me of what is needed, I do the work and bill them accordingly.  This eliminates confusion and has worked wonderfully for my clients and for me.

Websites by Monica

Websites by Monica


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