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Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of a website or a web page within a search engine’s results page (SERP).  I have a series of steps that I use to improve web page rankings.

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For my website clients: $200.00 per month, 6 month minimum.

For my non-website clients: $300.00 per month, 6 month minimum.  Subject to approval.

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing task and takes time to generate results.  I have prepared a checklist of tasks that need to be done for good SEO work. It’s a big job, and to do it right, it takes commitment and time from both parties. If you look around the Internet, you’ll find a wide range of prices.  Do your homework.

I’ve put together a light package.  In the tabs below, you’ll see that I have broken the tasks into 4 stages. If you want me to perform SEO on your site, I will need a six-month committment, one month per stage, $200.00  per month.  Stage 4 repeats in month 5 and 6.

If you are serious about wanting SEO, please contact me directly, and I will explain my suggested plan, and also offer some less expensive alternatives that you can do yourself.

Designated email account.

I will set up a g-mail account for this purpose and give you the username and password.

Define the Objective of Your Website.

I will give you a questionnaire, asking specific questions so that I can better prepare your site to accomplish its intended goal.

Use Google’s Free Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google My Business accounts will be set up.


Optimize your website:

Add proper titles, keywords, and page descriptions for each page, and add alt tags on each of the images.

Add Social Media to Your Mix:

Set up and establish a realistic schedule of using some or all of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. (I will not place the same content in each channel. They are different and unique. Regardless of whether you actively participate in the most popular social hubs, at the very least refreshing your profiles as you would your website will help.)

Prepare, deliver and explain your 1st analytics report:

Once your website is verified by Google, we can start measuring the results of the optimization.  This takes at least 3 months to be able to get useful information.  Please be patient.


Develop a Great Blog and write/schedule regular posts:

There are resources available where we can use articles already written, just as long as we give them credit.  This will save a lot of time. Write and schedule posts for the blog and social media to cover the next month.

Build Link Love:

Reach out to your current customers for reviews and backlinks.  By becoming an “authority” in your field, your ranking will improve.

Review the progress made so far:

We will review the 2nd report and refine the site as needed.


Persistence is key:

Continue to post regularly, ask for reviews regularly,

Measure, Analyze & Refine:

At the end of each month, we will review the analytic reports and refine the site as needed.


“My Facebook page has increased dramatically since I hired Monica to add daily posts to it.  She not only posts relevant content, but she takes the time to design a graphic made just for the brand.  A big burden is lifted!” Marcie Davis

Founder, The Davis Recovery House

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Websites by Monica


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